Swearing in

Yeah! I get to swear in today! Yeah, I passed my Setswana test, kind of! Yeah after tomorrow I won’t have to sit through another PowerPoint for months. It is the last day I will get to see all of my friends and girlfriend. Boo… I think I have food poisoning. So I have been SUPER sick for 24 hours and I don’t think I can make it for the hour + ceremony.

I made it to the ceremony but had to leave several times to go sweat and curl up in a ball. As soon as it was over I ran home and Kaybahderey kneaded my intestines for me (she is such a good mother). I got dozens of texts from other new “volunteers” wishing me well and making me sad I was missing the party. But before bed I got a visitor who took care of me and made me feel much better.

Post note: Turns out it wasn’t food poisoning it was some type of virus. My visitor caught it and sent me the text message “I curse the day your mother bore you.” I ended up being sick for the first six days in my new village.


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1 Response to Swearing in

  1. Morgan says:

    Congrats on getting sworn in! I love the blog and am excited to hear about your many adventures. Hopefully our Christmas card gets to you by Valentine’s Day.

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