Lost Blog Post: The Boy Band

Ok when I was reading through old posts I noticed that I forgot to write about the funniest thing that has happened since I have been here. This happened in Kanye right before I left for Letlhakane.

So I got home from class and my mother, usually in house clothes, was dressed up and said we have been called to see someone very important. So I kept on my dress clothes and we walked across the street to a very nice house. There was this older woman who greeted us and she introduced me to her college age daughter. I thought “oh this is why we are here; she wants me to marry her daughter.” But then the daughter quickly left, “huh”. As the women sat and talked Setswana to my mother for the next thirty minutes I wondered if I was going to get a meal out of this.

Finally this woman, well into her 60s, asked me if I like music. I said I liked Botswana music very much and told her that I grew up on many of the hymns that they sing here. She said, “no not Botswana music, do you like men’s music.” As I pondered what that even meant she put in a DVD. I began telling her about my past as a music venue manager just as the show began. There was smoke, there were lasers, there was matching outfits, there was screaming 12 year olds, and THERE was a boy band.

The first song came on and the woman (can’t explain how old and African this lady is) stood up and began to sing along. It was a band I have never heard of but it was the normal N’sync, Backstreet boys, New Kids dreck. This woman knew every word to every song and she sang along and more importantly danced along to every song.

She would say, “Wait, this one here with the beard is called Kevin. He is very good looking. Yes? He is the tough one.” About two songs in I realized that she was going to do the whole DVD and it was going to be a while because she would rewind it if she thought we missed something. She would explain why this band was the best band ever and redeeming values of each of its members. “Steven is from Australia and he takes care of his mother. Brian is the best looking and six songs from now he takes off his shirt.”

For two hours me and my mother watched the show. Slow jams, love songs, dance break downs, the Irish medley…she knew them all. My mother sat and smiled and clapped along. The show was over. Big applause. I didn’t know how I would die first… from holding in my laughter or hunger. But what me and my mother forgot  was that a show that amazing must have an encore. As we rose to get out of our seats our host told us that there were four more songs.  My mother looked at me with terror (And I think my favorite moment in Africa so far was when) she gave me the universal “let’s get the **** (insert four letter word of your choosing) out of here face”.

Our host assured us that we could come back any time to finish the DVD or that she had another one we could watch that she liked just as much. After we were out of ear shot, in the dark of night, my mother and I laughed all the way home.

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