One year left

I have been in Botswana for one year threeish months and today is my one year left mark. I thought I would catch my many many readers up on what has been going on.

I have been talking about this forever but it is finally starting to come together. I received P270,000 (about $40,000) to build pit latrines (kind of like fancy outhouses) in a neighborhood in my village. In the last year there have been cholera outbreaks and too many children dying from diarrhea- really wish I would have been able to work faster on this. But I got the money to build about 140 of the 190 I want to build.

Right now I am trying to send every orphan age 4 and 5 to preschool. In my community assessment I found that many of the orphans start behind and stay behind in learning. I found a preschool that would take them all in for free but have no idea how to come up with a sustainable way to get them to school every day. We have been working on buying vans, leasing vans, free ride share programs… I will figure something out.

Personally I am doing great. I met another Peace Corps volunteer and we just celebrated our one year anniversary. I just got back from vacation in Namibia and went to the biggest Octoberfest in Africa. We went swimming, rode 4 wheelers on sand dunes, chartered a boat that showed us 20,000 seals (the fat ones were the funniest), and ate food we haven’t had in a year (Mexican, Chinese, Zebra Meat).

I think right now more than missing America, this job has made me appreciate America. I hope everyone makes it out to the polls on Tuesday.  Well not everyone- really hoping the other 50% forgets.  Okay miss you all and see you in a year.


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