Packages and Mail

Brandon “Larona” Lawson
Private Bag 20
Letlhakane, Botswana

Wish list for packages

Movies made after September 2011


Itunes gift cards

Magazines and books: Time, National Geographic, The New Yorker, anything that looks interesting or that I can cut pictures out of to decorate my apartment

Starbucks instant coffee… and a lot of it

NEW social media books/articles (PDFs are cool too)

  • ·         Search engine optimization
  • ·         Facebook/Twitter/Wordpress/Blogger/LinkedIn
  • ·         Google Tools/Google Keywords
  • ·         New sites/tools I don’t even know about

I am an I.T. guy for my office and know very little about I.T. so a beginners textbook: programing 101, networking 101, I’m so bad I don’t even know what to ask for 101…

Drury and Mizzou magazine

New marketing books/articles/magazines

Mizzou S.E.C shirt (XL)

The book, “Sundays are for funerals”

Notebooks and Pens: Running out

THE FOOD SECTION… it is surprising some of the stuff they have and don’t have

Cheese Its: or really anything cheese related there is a dangerous lack of cheese here

Gates BBQ sauce

Spices: I have salt and pepper would love some other stuff. Chili powder, Taco seasoning, red pepper flakes, Italian seasoning, oregano, basil, dry rub, paprika, ginger

Heat: Tabasco, Chalula, Seracha


Recipes: Ozarks, vegetarian, easy, pizza dough, bread, cornbread, tortillas, cookies

Recipe for homemade wine/ hooch


1 Response to Packages and Mail

  1. meg says:

    make sure you give us your address. we’ll want to send you love notes from abroad. xom

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